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Motion Notion is excited to announce a new way to budget for your projects:
The new retainer program allows you to spread the cost of a large project or multiple projects over a number of months.

How it works:

Give Motion Notion a call to set up an evaluation meeting. Once we meet with you and assess your needs, we’ll formulate a plan of action. We’ll offer a number of effective solutions to help you reach your goals. Then you choose how you want to budget your project. You may need a low monthly budget, so you will choose a longer retainer period to spread the cost out over a longer period of time. You may need your project sooner. You can choose a shorter time frame and, if needed, add supplemental hours to your base retainer program. Perhaps you have a number of projects throughout the year that typically would have different budgets. You could even out your project budgets throughout the year by selecting a retainer program. This would set a constant monthly budget, allowing you to focus on other things instead of requesting and approving multiple budgets/proposals.

Motion Notion offers you the ability to select from a number of monthly program lengths. Programs that span a longer time frame offer deeper discounts. Each program will give you a base of 40 hours a month to apply to your project(s), and you can purchase additional hours to meet your goals. Under many programs, supplemental hours are offered at a discounted rate and a portion of your unused hours can be rolled over to the next month.

And as always, if the retainer program does not fit your needs, we still offer proposal based projects and hourly based projects. Not sure which is best for you? Contact Motion Notion for more information.

Motion Notion is a full service production house that can consult and produce budget friendly, feature rich multi-media experiences that will get your message to your audience.

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