Move Something!

Constant Change

Our world changes constantly…emails are now considered a slow way of communicating, you have to instant message. Remember when a 2nd line on a land phone was advanced? You can now video conference, instant message, email, social network, share files from your mobile smart phone…oh yeah, it also makes calls. Not only can you use it to set up a meeting, it will tell you how to get there with its GPS and maps. Televisions are now computers, dialed into the internet, streaming media, news and communication to the audience. You can reach that audience if you know how…or if you know Motion Notion.

Motion Notion is a full service production house that can consult and produce media for the ever-changing demands of reaching your audience. Your audience is demanding change, how will you respond?

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Ideas in Motion

You dream.  So do your clients and or your customers.  The difference between a dream and a reality is that reality is a tangible thing.  You can talk about your product or service to nauseam but show your client your ideas and they will remember them.  Make your dream seem real to the client and they will sign on.  Three dimensional imaging and animation can bring that to another step.  Instead of showing one image to a client showing a movie can hit a number of your client’s senses.  A full production can play on the senses of your client and wrap them up in your dream.  Even a theoretical product or idea can seem real with the right production.  Marry animation with an interactive presentation such as flash, or produce an app for iPad, iPhone or another mobile device and suddenly your client is using your product, in some cases before you even produce the actual product.

Motion Notion is a full service production house that can consult and produce presentations that will turn your dreams into reality.

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