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In a previous post, I talked about how technology has been advancing and how it has changed how I do business. In this post I’d like to announce three new tools that Motion Notion uses and how they will benefit the development and production of your project.

Cloud Service File Sharing – Motion Notion set’s up each client with a folder allowing files to be transferred between client and the studio. Proofs, reference material and final production media can be shared almost instantly. It is secure and easy.

Scheduling – Meetings will always be apart of the business. Face to face time is a necessity, but with the client, the studio, and other production partners all having busy schedules it can be hard to coordinate a good meeting time. Motion Notion is now using TimeBridge to schedule time. You can check my availability, poll good meeting times for one person or a whole production team. It also syncs with your calendar on your computer. Check my availability here : at TimeBridge.

Project Management – A production can have a lot of tasks. A lot of tasks depend on the completion of previous ones. Using Motion Notion has begun setting up an online project management tracking area for every project and every client. allows task lists to be created for Motion Notion and the client, milestones to be set, discussion’s and more. The client can instantly see at what stage the project is and what tasks are next. Secure and private status for a project…updating client and studio constantly.

Motion Notion has adopted these tools in order to better serve our client’s. They don’t replace face to face meetinigs, or other communication methods – they encourage and foster more communication and sharing. I hope you find them helpful,

Of course, I will still be available via phone and email!

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New Tools Rock the Way Business is done

We live in an amazing world! Things change quickly. Technology advances daily and businesses have to adapt, adopt and advance with it. That applies to Motion Notion as well. A year and a half, Motion Notion launched. Up until that point, business was business as usual. Send emails, write proposals, do paperwork and production work from the desktop or laptop. The iPhone had been out about two years and it allowed email and internet to travel wherever I was. But something changed in my perception of that little remarkable phone when I started Motion Notion. That iPhone become the hub. It became my time tracking, billing and invoicing machine. It became my communication department sending out blogs, tweets, and updates to my clients. New Apps came along and so did online services that again changed the way I did business. Cloud Services made burning CD-roms obsolete. Huge projects are now shared via the internet. Client and Production team integrated. Now the iPad begins to expand those possibilities even further. Surely with it new web apps and services will be created enhancing and streamlining business. Motion Notion is adopting some of these advances and also helping clients use these new tools. iPad Apps, Web Apps, mobile apps all become a wireless lifeline connecting you and your services to your audience.

In my next post, I will announce a few new tools that Motion Notion is adopting to help connect Motion Notion to our clients.

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