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Motion Notion is a full service animation and illustration consulting and production studio, located in Springfield, Missouri. This studio, created by Dan R. Blincoe II, is dedicated to depicting ideas in stirring ways while bringing the client’s goals to fruition. Motion Notion’s philosophy is that by creating a collaborative environment between the client and the 3D animation studio, together we can provide the best multimedia experience to express ideas, in entertaining, intriguing, and effective ways. Motion Notion strives to keep the client and customer relationship as collaborative as possible. Find out more About Motion Notion's 3D Animation and Multimedia Services.
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"I want to thank you, sincerely, for allowing me to share Motion Notion’s 3D animation and multimedia services with you! I realize you are busy dealing with day to day necessities in your personal and business life. As a business owner myself, I value that time greatly and strive to make these projects as little extra burden for you as possible. I’m looking forward to this collaborative process we are beginning. "

- Dan R. Blincoe II - owner of Motion Notion

Motion Notion 3D Animation Studio is owned by Dan R. Blincoe II
Dan R. Blincoe II is an award winning 3D artist and animator who has been in the industry for 15 years. Motion Notion 3D Animation Studio opened in 2009. Read more about Dan in his Profile.
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